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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Words and their meaning

Innocence smokes a cigarette
And sinister goes to church
Trust finds welcome in infidelity
While commitment gets caught in a lurch.

We use these words
The most when we hurt.

We buckle up
When we believe we'll get hurt.

Silence shrieks at us
Resonance never fills us up
Time is distorted as it ticks
We never seem to get on with it.

We track our progress
In an evolving process.

We have need to quantify
As we qualify our mystification.

Innocence suffers asphyxiation
Because status quo
Never knows when to go
Onto the next destination.


  1. I read this yesterday and needed to sit with it. I feel like this captures the ironic dichotomies we face every day.

    It makes me think of one more:

    Healing is wounded, weeping, agonizing pain.


  2. I get these repeating phrases in my head like I do short tunes and sit down to see what flows after. It must have been nagging at me how words have limitations. They do until we challenge their meaning, then they seem to expand more appropriately. I really like the addition, "Healing is wounded. weeping, agonizing pain." I would add, "Inflicting harm is shameless, the illusion of something gained."

  3. "Inflicting harm is shameless, the illusion of something gained."

    Wow! Yes!


    1. There's also something about the irony of shame I can't quite find but I know is there. Something about shame should follow blame but instead it clings to vulnerability?